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please update providence. I love it so much. congrats on your noms. you deserved them!!

Providence is like always right there at the forefront of my mind so I’m always wanting to update it! But I have to do Some Nights first because that’s coming to an end and I can’t wait a year to write a few closing chapters. Providence is far from dead though :)

nfinneman: I nominated you so hard in pretty much all the categories. :)

And I love you for it! Saw there you’ve got a thing or two going for yourself, good luck homie!!!!

Anonymous: I didn't see your name on the finalists list this year for the klaroline awards :(

Yeah, I just posted about that. I opted out. 

Anonymous: i admire you and your writing so much! you give klaroline life and as a passionate shipper i can't thank you enough. thank you ^^

Oh gosh, thank you! This is the nicest thing and I’m going to go try to breathe some life into those fics of mine that have been collecting dust. 

A super thank you to everyone who so awesomely nominated me and my fics for stuff in the kc awards, some categories I’d been in before and some I hadn’t which was nice. Even Providence got a few noms, which is especially nice because that story is still a baby. So extra super thank you for that. I decided to opt out of the awards this year. I haven’t been doing a shit ton of writing lately so I probably don’t deserve any awards. As they say, it’s an honor to be nominated. You keep enjoying it, I’ll keep writing it - albeit slowly.   

Anonymous: Link to your klaus x Caroline x Stefan Drabble series please?

Oh wow, throwback. This is the link to the fourth one which has the links to the first three in the beginning. 

"I wanted it to work so bad."

Sophie Turner, Oblivion


Klaroline + Eye Sex

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