Anonymous: god yes for hiatus. i am happy with hiatus just dont delete this amazing blog and your stories and drabbles. god i will be crying if that happens.

The stories aren’t going anywhere for sure, I’m not disappearing from The rest just needs figuring out. 

Anonymous: One thing I want you to know. You are loved and so many appreciate you. Okay, that's two. But it's true anyhow.

Thank you lovely. 

Anonymous: as a huge fan of all your work, i am rly devasted ㅠ_ㅠ i rly hope you don't leave because you are a gem !!!

Yikes, I’ve made a mess of things. My work isn’t going anywhere lovely fan person! Okay well drabbles might cease but my fics aren’t dying from my absence on this website. 

Anonymous: i know my words (especially making it anon) will not be much meaning to you. but as a reader who read from your first drabble to providence i am really upset about this possibility of u leaving and i am so sad. your stories gave me so much to look forward to and your drabbles made me squeal when i came back from horrible work. i just.. i wish you would reconsider and i know i'm a nobody who is not close to u but i really do love you and thank you very much.

You are the actual sweetest and I love you for that alone. But really I’m not quitting writing so you don’t have to worry about me abandoning the stories! Providence is like a little brain child and I’m not ready to drop it yet. And the rate of drabbles has been trickling down anyone so you’ll hardly notice a change when it ceases all together. And of course you’re somebody because you’re a really kind person in this fandom. 

peachyforbes: WHAT IS GOING ON. Oh Lea, I am heartbroken at the thought of you possibly leaving. I will sleep with my fingers crossed that it does not happen. You have brought so many joys and happiness to KC fandom and you are one of my favourite writers who is ridiculously talented. I just really don't want you to leave... SO MUCH LOVE TO YOU. xxx

Oh gosh thank you! I’m not like quitting life though. Just this website for a little while. I’ll still be writing and for people who follow me only for my writing anyway (which is justifiably most people) you can just catch me on :) I’ll still be finishing Some Nights and continuing BKB & Providence. 

Anonymous: I'm so scared right now. Please tell me that answer is just saying you are not continuing clueless au. Not stopping your brilliant writing. Your writing gives me so much joy and hope, I just... I'm so scared.

I’m really pleased that I bring you joy, that’s a really nice thing to say. And I’m not quitting writing entirely just drabbles probably. At least for the foreseeable future. I don’t know what I’m doing yet with the ones that are not quite finished. 

life-is-short-talk-fast7: I don't know what happened or what's going on but I heard you were thinking of leaving tumblr. Please don't go!!! We all will miss you too much!!

If nothing else there’s a probable hiatus. I’m hardly on here lately anyway. But I’m not qutting writing entirely!

Anonymous: omg don't leave. i love your stories but your drabbles are just as amazing. i'm still waiting for that clueless drabble. i know the hate on wednesday is insane--from all sides. as someone who dislikes the show, i laugh when i see someone poke fun of the show--but not in the kind of way that is just intentionally malicious. and i definitely don't like the blame game that goes around. that's why Wednesdays are a no go on tumblr. but please don't leave. youre epic--one of a kind!

Ugh, I feel bad about all the drabbles left hanging mid-air like the clueless one. Idk what I’m going to do there. But malice is definitely the word for it and I’m lowkey over it. But oh my goodness thank you for your kindness!

Anonymous: Do you quit because KCers are hating on TO and TOstans are hating on kc because that makes me sad :/ i know its hard sometimes but i wish you would just make a new tumblr just to post your drabbles :/

It’s not really a quitting so much as a possible leaving of tumblr. I’m not ditching my fics just drabble writing probably. Hate from both sides sapped the fun right out of fandom so - yeah. That’s where my head’s at ATM.